ÆZ the Living in Words

Mutual Gifting Policy

Being the Change Now!

The Living Being within the name Auntie Karen creates offerings with the qualities of Aloha, Beauty and Peace.

Living Being within the name words Auntie Karen in the Living Human Being Consciousness Function creates the kind of quality context for Living Human Beings to participate in. The UNIFORM COMMERCAL CODE is only for NON LIVING NON EXISTNG ARTIFICIAL BEINGS as if transacting business excluding all Living Human Beings.

In order to engage in the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE a Living Being must change/convert their Living Consciousness into a NON LIVING NON EXISTING ARTIFICIAL BEING as if “LIVING”. As if “LIVING” in order to receive the benefits from a NON EXISTING ARTIFICIAL BEING in mortal perpetual succession is with the capacity to sue and be sued buy and sell with limited liability contracts as if do any act or deed equal to or greater than all the Living Human Beings in Living Human Consciousness Function. The NON EXISTING ARTIFICIAL BEING CORPORATION is Souless and is with the benefit of functioning without the non benefit of “Human Error”.

Giving as a Living Human Being creating expressing Love- Light the extra-ordinary quality in all creational offerings. Everything Living Human Beings create is a creational offering. Living Human Being offering as a mutual gift “In God We Trust”.

The preference is for creating the value rather than becoming as if only a “PASSIVE RECIPIENT”.

Please see suggested gifting amounts shown as FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE amounts for each item.

Click here to view our Creation / Suggested Gifting Sheet

Note Bene - Auntie requests that you return any bottles you receive from her so they may be prepped for re-use. Being eco-conscious is cool! Moreover, depending upon the remedy, bottles can be as much as 30% of the "cost to make".

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